The blockchain based gaming industry still continues to face numerous hurdles.  
We think we have the solution to make it more open and drive it ahead.  

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The latest in technology

We're building something sustainable, reuseable, easy to replicate. 

Not an ICO

Forget the term ICO or STO. We're not building a token on ethereum, we're building a platform

Multiple worlds

The idea is to foster the next generation in world creation. Thi



Anti Nerd, Ex-Gamer, Technocrat, Builder, Lover of the future 


A literal international man of mystery. Debonair, classic, ladies man. Also responsible and managing the entire tech portion


Gamer / Nerd Herder / Scruffy and overall international man of gaming. 



Managing our product and testing, he can't sleep. He lost an eye to the machine, and now fights tirelessly to tan 


Has a scar on his face because of technology. Will be our savior if the robots take over


Wanna be a member of our team or as a member of the community. Please be advised, you will not be green.

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